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On A Personal Note...

The Magic Garden and “Carole and Paula” inspired a constant stream of mail and phone calls which continues to this day, even though the show has not been aired for a number of years.  Everywhere we go it is our happy experience to meet people who remember The Magic Garden with great affection.  As we go on writing and performing for children, parents and teachers, we find that school budgets are being slashed and many districts across the country are eliminating Arts Education Curriculums entirely.  With our new show we hope to offer children a lot of what they will be missing in school.  Friends Forever will help to nourish creativity and love of the arts, giving children something that will last a lifetime.

At some of our recent concerts, we were surprised to discover that enthusiastic fans have set up “Carole and Paula” web pages and message boards.  Our long history of success in the children’s television market has created an enormous and very loyal fan base.  Many audience members learned about our performance schedules from these websites and turned up singing all The Magic Garden songs and clamoring for autographs.  These young adults are beginning to have children of their own, and they continually tell us how special and important we were to them as they were growing up.  They are eager and anxious for their own families to share the memorable chemistry generated between us on The Magic GardenThis gives Friends Forever a remarkable advantage in the competitive arena of early childhood educational programming.

The many unsolicited letters we still receive from our fans encourage us to bring Friends Forever to today’s children.  It will be exciting to see the magic continue.
             Carole Demas and Paula Janis